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Billboards | City LightsRoll posters | TV screen advertising


Billboards - traditional, most effective and most accessible kind of outdoor advertising. Billboard advertising - one of the most widespread kinds of the advertising, having very wide scope of an audience. Its size allows achieving effect of "recognition" of an advertised product from a plenty of potential buyers.

The most popular sizes of boards are 6х3 m.



The sides of billboards differ from each other by influence on the consumer with the advertising information:

A - The side on a course of movement of a car, as a rule, on the right side.
B - the side on a course of movement of a car, as a rule, at the left.

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Billboards constructions are usually installed along main roads, there is practically always an opportunity to choose a board in immediate proximity from places of sales of the promoted goods, and bright illumination during evening and night time provides a continuity of influence of the board. Boards, as a rule, are installed to perpendicularly to motor ways, in places of crossing of the main transport streams, on separating lines. The significant part of billboards have two sides. The billboards standing on a separating line, the choice of the side does not play any role. For billboards, placed perpendicularly to transport stream, the panel A is more preferable, than a underside (B).

City Lights

City-lights represent separately standing constructions and a construction built in bus shelters. The size of an advertising field of a city-light is 1,2х1,8м.

As a rule a city-light is installed in a city centre in places of constant movement of people. Presence of illumination, high quality posters in a combination to a successful creative easily draw attention of the potential client to a city-light.

Considerably smaller, in comparison with billboards, the size allows to install city-light in a city centre where they effectively influence both pedestrians, and on drivers.

Characteristics of city-light

• As a rule the visible city-light size is 1.2x1.8 м
• Internal Illumination 
• Installation in a city centre and close to city centres

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Roll  Posters

Light box with automatic change of images – roll posters or scrollers could be carry to novelties of advertising.

Hi-tech scroller designs have the sizes 2,7 х 3,7м. on the average. A rotating element allows showing consistently 5-8 images on one surface, and modern design, hi-tech materials and compactness of a design allow it to be entered in an environment of the central part of any large city harmoniously. Since recent, roll posters decorate streets of the largest capitals of the world.




The facts

• External video screens are the carrier providing enhanced attention of an audience.
• The Huge sizes of the image and a careful choice of an installation site guarantee long time of contact to promotional materials.
• The Daily potential audience of the screen makes over 50 000 contacts.
• Video screens fill lost in on the way time with bright, dynamical images, providing thus positive recognition of advertising.
• The Audience of screens consists of socially active groups of the population which are consumers of advertising.
• The given ad carrier creates steady associations with the present and high adaptability to manufacture which pass to recognition of an a promoted
  product or service
• The Video screen are new technical opportunities in advertising.
• The Video screen is an effective influence on an audience.
• The Video screen is an opportunity of carrying out of the flexible and exact advertising company.

Video screens in cities of Ukraine

TV экраныIn Ukraine video screens are a new word in advertising technologies. However, the fact of prompt distribution of these carriers in cities of the country speaks about perspectivity and the big popularity of technology. In such cities as Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa there are already a few video screens.

The companies which were placed on video screens mark efficiency of manufacturing of advertising and its fast introduction to broadcast. Many are involved with an opportunity of fast and easy replacement of the information, inaccessible to boards.

We offer you an opportunity to place the advertising on all video screens in Ukraine at once. It will allow carrying out easily the massed advertising campaign in all regions of Ukraine with the least spent time for the coordination and development of promotional materials.



Billboards | City lightsRoll posters | TV screen advertising

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